Domestic Fund Formation It is a simple process to enter the hedge fund industry; practically anyone with $15k to $20k can start a hedge fund and forming a hedge fund gets easier every year.
Offshore Fund Formation An offshore hedge fund is simply a structure used by hedge fund managers as a way to attract offshore investors (non-U.S. citizens) or U.S. tax-exempt investors such as pension and endowment funds.
Invest 2.0
Clients are priority. Working with and advising individuals and institutions on their investments has always been my core skill so I’ll be focusing on doing my best for existing and new clients. I hope you found Hedge Fund Blog informative.

Clients have ranged in asset ownership from $188,000 to $300 billion. A lot of what I do is assessing investment consultants, fund managers and financial products and when necessary recommending changes. I also design master portfolios for specific asset/liability needs.

The philosophy is simple. Deliver substantial value. Skill is the only investment grade asset. The biggest bull market is the growth in demand and need for quality financial advice. Don’t accept the average in anything.

Finance offers a big data set to analyze. As a data scientist by background, it’s my job to help clients differentiate vast noise from rare opportunities. Empirical reality outperform theoretical beliefs.

Over 8 million visitors in 158 countries visited this site since it began and I am grateful to everyone I corresponded with and especially to those who became friends and clients.

The posts will remain on the web. The content was my own and does not reflect the views of any client, colleague or my employer. I travel often to meet with investors. Please drop me an email if you would like to meet up.

Sincere regards

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